NIRS Forage and Feed Testing Consortium

Who We Are

We work together to promote accuracy through uniformity, standardization, and good practices.

The NIRSC is an association of commercial laboratories, universities, government groups, plant research entities, and instrument companies.  Our consortium collaborates together to unify knowledge, accuracy, and application of NIRS technology.  Laboratories share in efforts and costs to produce standardized calibrations for use.  We also carry out programs to help and support our members in use of calibrations and instrumentation.


The NIRS Forage and Feed Testing Consortium leverages and unifies the efforts and knowledge of its members and collaborating experts to create and promote the basis for rapid and accurate analysis results to return value and benefits to its members, the NIRS community, and the public.


We are a consortium supporting proficiency in analytical capabilities. We provide a structure for members to contribute their individual resources to generate unmatched analytical capabilities that produce defensible, reliable, and repeatable results. We will promote an open forum to discover member needs, provide effective innovative solutions, and to seek out and understand new knowledge and technology and use it to further our mission when justified.

Organizational Description: 

We are a 501 (c)(6) non-profit organization as described by the IRS.  Please visit the IRS's website for further information on Business Leagues:

Internal Revenue Manual 7.25.6

Business Leagues

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